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649-Goritiae, Karstii, Chacseolae, Carniolae, Historia et Windovum Marchae Descript.
Description: The map, that measures in the sketch cm 35,6 xes 23,5, is contained in the atlas Theatrum Orbis Terrarum of Abramo Ortelio, in the edition it dates to the presses in 1592 from the shop Plantiniana of Anversa. The document represents good part of western Slovenia and the Croazia Nord-occidentale with the Carso, l.Istria and the islands of the Quarnaro. The paper has been realized on the base of the jobs of Wolfgang Lazy and, as it regards the southern Istria with the data of another author not quoted. The islands are represented in schematic way and with an approximate sketch, with Vigil to West of Arbe instead that to North, North Cherso of Dislocates instead that to East; besides they have been neglected those smaller, despite is numerous a great deal. The island of Vigil (Vegia) is colored in pink, that of Arbe (Arbi) in brown dark color, Cherso (I will Dare) in brown clear and Dislocates (it Squeaks) in Rosa. The Map, graphically pleasant and very colored, introduces a rich orografia, with
Autor: Abramo Ortelio
Place: Anversa
Year: 0
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