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40-Russia e Nova Zemla .   The map belogs to the Atlas de la Navigation et du Commerce qui se fait dans toutes les Parties du Monde, published in 1715 in Amsterdam. It has an elegant design taken from a precious engraving. Dimensions : cm 56,5 x 50
Author: Louis Renard

Amsterdam. PREZZO € 48.00,1715

41-Russia e Mar Nero .   The map belongs to the Atlas sive Cosmographicae Meditationes de Fabrica Mundi et Fabricati Figura, published in 1644 in Duisburg. Dimensions: 40,5 x 32 cm.
Author: Gerardo Mercatore

Duisburg. PREZZO € 33.00,1644

42-Russia .   The European Russia. A picture of Moscou by Fedori Borisowitsi appears at the top and a view of Archangelsckagoroda with a graphic scale in Germanic miles and three exotic figures are on the right. This map of 1614 is dedicated to Hesselo Gerardo and measures 54 x42,5cm.
Author: Fedori Borisowitsi

PREZZO € 43.00,1614

58-Nova Zemla .   The map belongs to the Geographia, quae est cosmographiae Blauianae pars prima, qua orbisterrae tabulis ante oculus ponitus et descriptionibus illustratur, published in 1665 in Amsterdam. Dimensions : cm 49,5 x 37,5
Author: Ioannis Blaeu

Amsterdam. PREZZO € 39.00,1665

424-Fretum Nassovium .  
Author: Ioannis Blaeu

Amsterdam. PREZZO € 40.00,1660