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L'Accimo Associazione Culturale Cittadini del Mondo
Is an independent, non-profit association with the purpose of cultural promotion and dissemination of scientific culture and the sciences of man and society
The library contains over 3,500 volumes, mostly of a geographical, environmental, territorial and history of science nature. In addition to works of general culture, there are texts on: geography, geology, geomorphology, hydrography, natural, urban, mining, industrial landscapes and on the evolution of landscapes. The library has a map library with a collection of original ancient maps and over 2 thousand reproductions of ancient maps and cartographic documents, in print and in digital format, made suitable for the study of the evolution over time of landscapes, river networks, of coastal lines and urban areas. The collection also includes over 2,000 modern maps of the western Mediterranean basin and in particular of Sardinia. In addition to topographic maps, it collects cartographic documents on the following themes: agronomic, geological, hydrogeological, geomorphological, forestry, pedological and urban areas. The library is equipped with the computer equipment necessary for cartographic analysis, and for the comparison of maps made in different eras, with the aim of reconstructing the evolution of landscapes. The library also collects 5,000 photographs and slides with territorial and landscape subjects, which document the variations recorded in the territories in the last 150 years.


Headquarters and Library - Via G. Natta 21, Elmas-Cagliari - Italy The association has a structure capable of researching and acquiring ancient documents in the major public and private collections s of the world, in conservation structures and in private collections of maps. It has collaborators capable of identifying the documents of greatest interest from the historical-scientific aspect and of the technology necessary to correctly reproduce the ancient documents and to acquire them with the exact technical data (author, engraver, original dimensions, any work of membership, year of printing, etc.). The cards are cataloged according to geographic, historical, chronological criteria, and also on the basis of the rarity of the original and the characteristics of the reproduction. Reproduction of ancient documents in files

Reproductions antique maps and documents in files
ACCIMO uses correct intervention techniques on the reproductions of ancient documents, paying due attention not to distort or change original data but to intervene only on the damage caused by time or due to accidental events. All ancient documents are classified. The association has a structure capable of allowing the identification of critical issues in the various steps and appropriate methods of intervention to have a finished product of quality and accompanied by precise technical data sheets. work presentation structure with a room organized for videoconference presentations. In this way, especially for ancient maps, it is able to verify the characteristics of the product and to know the specificities of the association and its know-ou. The organization ensures the control of the production phases and the guarantee of a quality finished product; .