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641-Sardegna e Corsica
Description: It is preserved in the National Library of the Linceis and Corsiniana to the repertoire 49. G. 1. The map measures mm 542 xes 396 and is contained in a sheet of mm 560x 438. It constitutes the table 96 of the atlas Claudius Ptolomaeus Cosmographia, trad. Jacobus Angelus. [It precedes] Jacobus Angelus, Epistle Alexandro V. Curaverunt Girolamo Manfredi, Pietro Bono Avogadro, Galeottus Martius, Nicola Montanus, Philuppus Beroaldus, Bologna, Domenico de' Lapi, 23 giugno1462s (but in reality 1477). On this press bolognese of the Cosmography of Tolomeo, object of study since the antiquity, investigations of particular interest have been conducted by B. Leg (1776 -1841), bibliographer and administrator of the Library Marciana in Venice, and from L. Sighinolfi. Just this last succeeded in establishing as the 1462 date, brought after all to the text, it was wrong; reconstructing the stories of the press, it reached the conclusion that the atlas has seen the light in 1477 and that I/you/he/she am therefore the most ancient edition
Autor: Claudio Tolomeo
Place: PREZZO € 34,00
Year: 1477
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