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188-Insularum Aliquot Maris Mediterranei Descripto
Description: The paper is in the table "Mediterranean descriptio Insularum aliquot maris" inserted in the Atlas "Theatro del mondo of Abraham Ortelio from him little inanzi his death revised & new tables, et comment adorno, & enriched with life of the author. Translated language Tuscany by m. Filippo Pigafetta. In Antwerp below Young Baptist Urintio "1608". The paper derives from an engraving in copper and measure cm 36,5 x 48 and contains, all correctly oriented, those who were then considered the most important islands in the Western Mediterranean: Sicily Sardinia at the Centre, at the top and bottom left Gerba, Elba bottom centre, Malta below and Corfu top right.
Autor: Abramo Ortelio
Place: Anversa
Year: 1608
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